Healthy Drinks that Taste Good

We all hear and read over and over about the need to stay hydrated. We’ve all experienced working or exercising hard and hot and the need for replacing fluids.   Of course there is always water – nothing can beat it – but for rehydration purposes, some other drinks actually work better, and good taste helps people drink enough. Soda is very popular but is not healthy (in other words, “not good for the body”!). Here are some common ingredients in sodas ; they vary from colas to “fruit” flavored sodas.

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Christmas Sweet Bread

This recipe makes a sweet but not overly sweet holiday bread , it is similar to traditional Italian Christmas bread but without using eggs.

Yeast bread is easy and recipes are forgiving, so if it doesn’t come out quite the way you want the first time, try it again, and chances are people will eat it before it’s cooled down anyway, unless you hide it. This will make four large loaves; I shaped them round and put each in a cake pan, buttered and floured (shake flour all over the bottom and sides of the baking pan for easy removal).

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